Balance Sheet Reconciliation

The Balance Sheet in any organization is a reflection of the efficiency of its performance. Therefore, it is necessary for it to be precise and accurate in every way. For businesses, it is very important for balance sheets to get reconciled, usually at the end of the month, quarter or year. Balance sheet reconciliation is the part of a closing process helps you recognize any kind of error before closing.

However, in order to execute a balance sheet reconciliation perfectly, you will need to enlist the help of an experienced accountant. The only problem in doing so is that it will cost your business a lot of capital. But, do not fret, as there is a better alternative available. You can always outsource your balance sheet reconciliation tasks to an outside service provider.

And you are in luck, as that is exactly what Accounts Confidant specializes in. We have a team of experienced and certified accountants and bookkeepers who will handle your balance sheet meticulously. Moreover, our services cost way lesser than it would cost you to hire an in-house accountant.

Balance sheet reconciliation services that Accounts Confidant offers its clients

The following are some of the various reconciliation services we provide your business with:

  • Analysis of the balance sheet for the Fixed Income and Equity divisions.
  • Analysis of the firm’s consolidated balance sheet.
  • Preparation, reconciliation, review, and analysis of balance sheet SEC categories.
  • Maintenance and enhancement of key balance sheet control in accordance with firm policy.
  • Presenting of analysis of key balance sheet movements during the monthly balance sheet due diligence meeting.
  • Assessing the impact of accounting changes and system integrations on balance sheet reporting and controls.
  • Reviews property level balance sheet reconciliations to ensure accuracy.
  • Develops policies and procedures to ensure accurate reviews and consistent scoring.
  • Assists the Transition properties with the initial balance sheet setup.
  • Assists properties with balance sheet completion, as assigned.
  • Delivers data points to Senior Manager, Balance Sheet Management for monthly reporting.

The benefits of outsourcing your balance sheet reconciliation tasks to us

Take a look at some of the various advantages of hiring our services:

Reduced Business Risk

By hiring our services to perform balance sheet reconciliation you can reduce your business risk to its minimum percentage. If you hire an in-house accountant and anything should happen to that person, or if they should leave your workplace for another position, there usually is no one who can step in immediately to fill their position.

Once you outsource your balance sheet reconciliation tasks to Accounts Confidant, you won’t have to worry about such a predicament. You’ll receive significant backup and continuity. Working with our team will eliminate the one is none syndrome.

Focus on the more important aspects of your business

Hiring and managing administrative staff and still spending loads of time dealing with accounting and reporting issues can be a hassle. Instead of trying to multitask and focus on everything, you can take outsource your balance sheet reconciliation tasks to us.

By doing so, you get more time to focus on the higher level and more important activities. Moreover, you can benefit from specialized finance and administrative services that are provided by our team.

Access to the best software

There are countless software solutions and programs available to help your business with balance sheet reconciliation. Unfortunately, the costs are often difficult to justify and the programs are difficult to learn. Not to mention, there are hundreds of options for each function. Where do you even start when trying to choose one program over another?

Fortunately, when you outsource your balance sheet reconciliation tasks to our team, you won’t have to pay an outrageous amount for access. We already have to access such software with a very in-depth understanding of its capabilities.

The best part of all, you don’t have to get bogged down vetting each program. We will perform the due diligence to ensure the software is capable.


Outsourcing to Accounts Confidant is way cheaper than any other service that is outsourced. Enlisting the help of a full time, the in-house certified accountant will probably cost well over six figures that too, excluding benefits. Hiring an uncertified accountant will cost you considerably less. However, it’s would still be an expensive decision for your business.

Outsourcing your balance sheet reconciliation tasks to us will help you save on fringe benefit costs that come with an employee. Fringe benefits such as paid time off, sick days, health insurance, worker’s compensation, and retirement.

Office expenses are a non-issue once you decide to work with us. You don’t have to pay for office space, computer equipment, and supplies or accounting software with outsourced accounting services. Instead, you can invest all that money into funding and growing your business.

More Efficiency

You know your business better than anybody else. You came up with a concept, a plan, an execution strategy, in order to make your ideas come into fruition. In fact, you know how the whole thing operates. The same thing goes for our accountants.

Balance sheet reconciliation is more tedious and time consuming for a novice than an actual accountant. Even though this DIY approach is very commendable, you are utilizing too much time performing a task that you may not have any expertise in. Unless of course, you are a CPA.

However, we specialize in such tasks and functions. Our accountants have years of experience with balance sheet reconciliation and leave no room for any errors as they only have to focus on one area.

Access to an experienced team

Outsourcing your balance sheet reconciliation responsibilities to us provides you with the benefit of a dedicated team. When you maintain your own financial documents or employ someone for that purpose, you’re using the skills of just one individual.

Once you hire our services, you are equipped with a team of seasoned veterans. This makes the identification and rectification of errors quite easy. In a normal situation, these tasks would cost you in the long run. If you are dealing with an ambiguous balance problem, our numerous experts can assist in resolving that issue.

We provide you with the combined experience and knowledge of numerous accountants. Furthermore, you will only need to pay a very reasonable amount of money for a team of accountants.

Why choose Accounts Confidant?

Whether you own a start-up business or a fully-fledged organization, good balance sheet reconciliation systems are crucial to ensure you can keep track of your progress and grow your organization. With our services, you will be in control of your balance sheet tasks without having to manage them and therefore in a stronger position to grow your business.

Some of our stand out points:

  • 24×7 customer support
  • Save your valuable time.
  • Remove worries about resources and quality.
  • Achieve up to date quality information.
  • Improve your profits by measuring results.
  • Improve security.
  • Avoid employee issues.

If you have any further queries regarding our services or would like to book a consultation then feel free to give us a call at +1-866-301-2307.

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