Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions are general statements under which the team of Accounts Confidant works for you. In case of any conflict between the following mentioned terms and conditions, then the Proposal shall conquer. Accounts Confidants contains its employees, partners all the related entities.

  1. Scope of Appointment

Our main concern is to solve the queries of the person whose name is mentioned in the Proposal. No other person can get our advice without our written agreement. Along with this, we will undertake the tasks which are specified in the Proposal or written agreement. We also offer audit, legal or taxation services.

  1. Information

We will provide services based on the information provided by you. So the information provided to us is accurate and complete. The quality of our services totally depends on the instructions from you. Moreover, we will not verify the information unless you have requested to do. We don’t take responsibility for the recommendations provided by us. The information provided by you, or by others on your behalf will be considered by us and we will provide solutions according to that information only.

  1. Fees

Our fees may depend not only upon the level of skill & responsibility, and the value of the advice but also the time spent on your affairs. Additionally, it also depends on the level of risk. We charge our fees every month. For the payroll process, you are required to pay our fees in the respect of payroll period. The limit of paying our invoices is within 7 days of the billing date.

Furthermore, we will not charge any additional payments for up to 12 hours of financial consultation. You have to pay at the hourly rate which is calculated on the quoted basis divided by 8. For instance, if the monthly rate is $480, then the hourly rate will be $60.

  1. Delays

We are not responsible for any failure or delay in connection caused by something outside our control. This may comprise another person’s omission or action. We may charge additional cost for such delays. In case, the delay stays last long, we might end our appointment.

  1. Staff

You can’t approach any Accounts Confidant partner employee to work for your client or any third-party during the provision of services, and 12 months period. For this, you have to take the prior consent of the director of Accounts Confidant.

In a breach of this clause during the last 12 months of the agreement or after the termination of the agreement, you have to pay the amount for the breach greater than the fee for 12 months of services.

  1. Electronic Communication

As instructed, we will communicate with you and any third-party via email or by other electronic means. The responsibility of virus-checking emails and any attachments will be yours. There is a risk of delayed receipt, non-receipt or the interception by third-parties with the electronic communication. That’s why we use virus-scanning software to reduce the risk of viruses and other damaging items.

However, electronic communication is not secure and we neither undertake the responsibility for damage or loss caused by viruses nor for the corrupted communication.

  1. Our Intellectual Property

This process includes the ideas, concepts, and techniques that we utilize in the course to provide services to you. We retain all copyright and exclusive rights in designs, data, leading practices, specifications. Also, we retain all tools such as improvement or enhancement and rights to our working papers. Along with this, all the internal documents and information is also retained by us.

  1. Indemnity

There can be instances in which a person may claim against our provided services. In such a case, we have to incur liabilities, losses, fees, expenses, legal costs, and claims. This can be the result of our negligence due to which we have to suffer such liabilities and losses. The indemnity can apply in the consequence of any particular instruction or your request, incorrect information provided by us.

  1. Project Management

If you occupy Accounts Confidant to provide you with personnel to undertake project management services, then you recognize that the Accounts Confidant personnel must include in all meetings related to the project. Moreover, you may realize that Accounts Confidant personnel involves in the decision-making process. Along with this, we don’t take the responsibility of the decision made in which one of your employees is involved.

We charge for all the project management services that also include the estimates for each stage of a project.

  1. Dispute Resolution

In case, you want to discuss something or complaint regarding our services, then you can directly contact to the director of Accounts Confidant. We will examine any complaints at the appointed time and provide you effective solutions to fix the issue. You can address to the Feedback@accountsconfidant.com in order to resolve all your disputes.

In case, the issue still remains unfixed, all parties concur to enter another method to resolve the dispute before taking legal actions.

You should aware that we will not charge any fees until the issue doesn’t get resolved. Suspension of the services will not affect your obligations.

  1. Provide Draft Advice

We offer you draft advice, presentations or reports to you. You need to consider them as discussion purposes and depend on our final reports. You are advised not to rely on interim advice, presentations, or reports.

  1. Depends on other’s advice

All the reports, information, letter, advice will be given for your benefit until we provide written approval to the contrary. We, at Accounts Confidant, are not under any compulsion for updating any report, written or oral, for the events that take place after the final reports.

  1. Taxes

You are required to pay any tax or another charge payable by us including to our fees. In our Proposal, all the costs or fees are exclusive of taxes except where specified. In case of any supply made in connection with our appointment, you need to pay the amount of any tax chargeable by us.

  1. Estimates

We will provide an estimate of the fees and costs paid by you to us. There may be a difference between the final fees and the estimate. For instance, the nature of your appointment can differ, or there may be the possibility of unexpected circumstances. An estimate will rely on the information provided by you. We will try our best to make you aware of the increased costs.

  1. Your Intellectual Property

We guarantee to not attain any ownership rights over the information provided by you. This does not include the payment of amounts you owe. Along with this, we will give you the copyrights to your reports, deliverables, and written advice. In contrast, a free worldwide license, copy, modify will be provided by you to us. By doing so, we will make sure to not disclose any of the confidential information.

  1. Termination

The initial term specified in the Proposal of the agreement is for 12 months from the date of the agreement accepted by you. Either of us can cancel our engagement after the initial term of this agreement by providing three calendar months via notice. Also, the engagement can cancel in the case of material breach. If this happens, you are required to pay our fees incurred up to termination or for the work that should be required to undertake.

Moreover, if you cease to use our services during the initial term of the agreement or after the termination, then you should pay us the remaining fees due as mentioned in the agreement as a Termination payment.

  1. Other Client’s Information

We can access the information to act for other clients. But, we assure you that this information will not disclose to you and use this information in acting for you.

  1. Review of Fees

We might review our fees in case you were not preceding our agreement within 30 days of the proposal. Also, we may review when you are still availing of our services for more than 6 months from the date of the proposal. In this case, we may increase our fees for work continuing past dates.

  1. Disbursements

You are required to pay our reasonable pocket expenses in addition to our fees. These reasonable expenses comprise call costs, traveling expenses, copying & printing charges. However, this will not include the input tax credit that entitled to claim. We will only charge at our standard billing rate. If we have to create documents or attend court as per our appointment, then this might include the legal fees avoided to respond to such requests.

  1. Resources

We will have access to your information, records, files, premises, technology systems to provide you the best assistance. Additionally, other resources may need to ensure development, all project plans, specifications, timely approvals, deliverables and accounts. We assume that you will give us reasonable access to these resources without any charge.

  1. Confidentiality

We hope that both of us can keep any confidential information except to the extent mandatory by law.

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