Getting a good accountant or bookkeeper is quite hard, simply because they can do wonders for your business. We, at Accounts Confidant, choose our team in such a way that we can provide Outsourced Accounting and Small Business Bookkeeping Services of the highest quality at the most affordable cost. Our Outsourcing Accounting firm hires the best accounts, CA, CPA and research team that works with the clients to understand their workings and provide exactly what they require.

Now, we know that there are numerous accounting and bookkeeping service providers, however, we differentiate ourselves by providing our clients with end to end services. Along with maintaining books of accounts and creating financial statements, we also provide services like payroll, tax preparation, as well as complete support to an in-house accounting department. We understand the needs of our clients and then curate our service offering precisely as per their requirements.

Our Services

We provide our services for the following financial facets of a business:


We keep track of and record a company’s financial transactions on a daily basis. We manage all the financial data of a company.

Our team will help you out with:

  • Bank reconciliation
  • Vendor Reconciliation
  • Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Customer Reconciliation
  • Creating Reconciliation Reports
  • Review of Checks


We summarize, analyze and report the financial transactions of your company to oversight agencies, regulators, and tax collection entities.

Our team will help you out with:

  • University Accounting
  • Tax Accounting
  • Small Business Accounting
  • Internal budgeting and financial analysis
  • Cash flow and budgeting analysis
  • Financial projections and forecasts
  • Debt and finance advising

Payroll Processing

Our team calculates the amount you owe your employees based on factors such as the time they worked, their hourly wages or salaries, and whether they took vacation or holiday time during the pay period. We help you in adjusting your gross pay by calculating and subtracting taxes and other withholding amounts.

Our team will help you out with:

  • Timesheets creation
  • Tracking Employee Working Hours
  • Paycheck creation
  • Direct Deposit processing
  • Wage and Hours Compliance
  • PTO (Paid Time Off) Management
  • Payroll Tax Compliance
  • Custom Reports

Tax Services

Our team helps you in preparing for the tax season and manage your fiscal responsibilities. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about any sort of tax compliance issues or being on the receiving end of any sort of punitive action as our team of experts have years of experience when it comes to this field.

Our team will help you out with:

  • Manage cash availability to cover tax liabilities
  • Determine appropriate taxation of employee benefits provided to business owners
  • Calendar and prioritize tax strategy sessions and tax planning
  • Take advantage of year-end tax management opportunities
  • Manage income, sales, and use tax liabilities across multiple jurisdictions based on your business’s nexus
  • Tailor our services to meet your specific tax planning and growth goals
  • Both comply with and leverage changing federal, state, and local tax law
  • Manage cash-based tax liabilities against accrual-basis management accounting

If you happen to be looking for help with any of your financial functions and responsibilities, Accounts Confidant is only a phone call away.

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