Privacy Policy

We, at Accounts Confidant, know that your privacy is important. That’s why our priority is to keep your personal information securely. This document outlines all the information that we collect and receive when you avail of our services. This will assist you make a well-versed decision about sharing your personal information with us.

  1. Information we collected

 1 Personal Information

Our quality of services will depend on the completeness and accuracy of the information provided by you. Our accountants can only assist you but unable to verify the information on your behalf. You are required to provide full and timely instructions required by us. We collect identifiable information on numerous pages of our Website. Additionally, you can select to provide this information by other means like telephone, email, or via physical mail.

The following is a list of personal information that we seek to collect from you for our Website:

  1. Your first name and last name
  2. Your email address
  3. Physical Address
  4. Telephone Number
  5. Other relevant information

If you choose not to provide the aforementioned information to us, then you will not be able to avail of our services.

  1. Automatic Information

When you are visiting a website, you reveal information like visit time and Internet Protocol (IP) address. This website records your basic information regarding visiting our site.

  1. Cookies

Cookies are pieces of information that will be transferred to your PC from a web server. We utilize cookies to record session information and visitor preferences. Moreover, we record the user information on the pages users visit and record the past activity. We do so to satisfy our clients by providing better services.

  1. When we use your information?

Your collected information is used to administrate our business workflows written below:

  1. We improve the content of our website according to your requirements.
  2. In order to customize the layout or content of the website pages.
  3. To make you aware of the latest updates to our Websites.


  1. How we keep your Information?

Our main priority is to protect your personal information provided by you. We provide various privacy policies through our affiliated websites and suggest you to read the privacy policies. To read the content of some websites, you have to enter the password but we suggest you don’t enter your password for such website content. Also, you are recommended to sign out of password-protected services once the session ends.

In some cases, we have to share your information with the third parties who assist us to perform the services on our websites or who offer technical assistance to our website. But, you don’t need to fret at all. Since your personal information will be safe in our hands. We will disclose your information only under law or when we will feel like this is mandatory to do so.

You must be noted that we might not provide you with notice prior to disclosure.

  1. How can you access your information?

 You are free to access your information by sending an e-mail to our email address. If you want to correct any information provided to us, then we offer you the ability to have inaccuracies. You are required to send an email to correct all the information submitted to us.

  1. How we protect your information?

In order to protect your personal information, we use security software. Additionally, our practices will be reviewed periodically for compliance with procedures and policies. There is nothing to worry about your information. We will protect your information by using security software. Moreover, we set a limit for our accountants to access your information and limit to use.

  1. How do you get updates of changes in our Privacy Policy?

In case, we have done any changes in our privacy policy, then we will let you know via posting these changes on our website. You can get all the changes done in the privacy policy by visiting our website. If there will be any changes in the Privacy Policy, then that will be posted immediately on our website.

  1. How can you do complaints about our Privacy Policy, if any?

If you have any complaints regarding our Privacy Policy, then you can directly connect with the director of Accounts Confidant. Firstly, one of our accountants will investigate the privacy complaint under the supervision of our director. You need to make sure that the reason for the complaint should be outlined. Additionally, you are free to make this complaint both orally and in writing.

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