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Over the past years small – mid-scale businesses, especially during the busy tax season months have started to embrace outsourcing bookkeeping and tax services as a strategy to enhance efficiency, and to minimize having to hire extra seasonal staff during the busy time of the year.

This is where we come in. At Accounts Confidant, we provide tax services for small businesses at rates that are way lower than it would cost you for hiring an in-house tax accountant. Also, the great thing about outsourcing your taxation requirements to us is that you won’t have to wonder “where can I find tax services near me?” as we take care of everything online.

The tax services that Accounts Confidant provides you with

The following are some of the various tax services that you can avail by enlisting our help:

  • Calendar and prioritize tax strategy sessions and tax planning
  • Tailor our services to meet your specific tax planning and growth goals
  • Both comply with and leverage changing federal, state, and local tax law
  • Manage cash-based tax liabilities against accrual-basis management accounting
  • Determine appropriate taxation of employee benefits provided to business owners
  • Take advantage of year-end tax management opportunities
  • Manage cash availability to cover tax liabilities
  • Manage income, sales, and use tax liabilities across multiple jurisdictions based on your business’s nexus

Advantages of hiring our tax services

Take a look at the various benefits that your business can reap by working with us:

Focus in-house efforts on higher leverage initiatives

Sales tax compliance is the monthly treadmill that continues on in perpetuity. It can take a lot of time for an in-house team to take care of this task each month. By hiring our tax services you can instead invest your time and resources on more complex issues, revenue-generating projects or proactive tax planning – activities that directly contribute to improved bottom-line results.

Significant Cost Saving

Our tax services cost much lower than it would hire an in-house team of accountants and bookkeepers. Furthermore, you can avail of skilled accountants and CPAs at 50% of the savings. You also save on employment taxes and other overheads. Plan for future needs and get rid of the hassle of finding and retaining qualified accountants and bookkeepers.

Prompt and timely services

Tax accountants are generally so busy that if you want them to calculate your accounts you need to give them your documents early in the year. On the other hand, if you outsource your tax returns to Accounts Confidant, you use a specialized service where there are several teams of tax accountants who work in shifts to take care of your work on time.

Coordination across national and international tax jurisdictions

Typically, it is difficult for an in-house tax department to have expertise across different tax jurisdictions around the world. For small businesses, preparing corporate tax returns can be challenging, complex and time-consuming. It requires the coordination of tax information among offices in different countries and requires that members of the tax team work full-time on tasks that are unappealing to the modern tax team, such as data gathering, account reconciliation and data entry. It is more feasible and cost-effective for you to appoint a single provider and outsource its expatriate tax compliance.

Latest and most relevant software

By outsourcing your tax returns to Accounts Confidant, you will get the benefit of having your computations done with the best software packages. Using this software can assist your business in saving you a lot of precious time and money because it can upload your tax documents easily onto your system.

Avoid Staff Turnover

Staff turnover is not uncommon, but, smaller businesses don’t have the benefit of having an “overflow” staff on hand. When you opt to work with us, you have the benefit of our large staff dedicated to these specific services. We have the means and the team size to anticipate the unfortunate and sudden losses of key workers.

Why choose us over any other tax service provider?

With our help, you can better manage and mitigate increasingly complex tax environments. We assure you that your tax services are handled in a more productive, efficient, and cost-effective way. Moreover, our services are available whenever you need it as we provide customer support 24×7. Our team has years of experience in this field and consists of a large and engaged staff of dedicated tax professionals.

We can help you with:

  • New tax function demands created by business spin-offs
  • Business growth leading to an expanding number of tax jurisdictions and an increased set of filing obligations
  • Workforce reductions or company consolidations
  • Tax system integration demands created by corporate acquisitions
  • Special projects requiring higher-level experience

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